Flying paragliding is safer than driving a car , right?

4 Things you probably did not know about flying paragliding.

People always ask, “How safe is the paraglider?” Sharing the thought with most pilots, the best answer is: as sure as everyone wants to practice it.

Any experienced pilot will tell you that the most important safety factor of paragliding is not wind, atmospheric pressure, or visibility. In fact, it is not any external factor. The most important factor is the attitude and preparation of the pilots.

A student with the right attitude will fly much better in the long term than someone who tries to rush from the beginning. Also, remember that if you are a beginner who is learning to fly in paragliding, you will always have the option to start and try the sport in tandem with an experienced paragliding instructor who knows all the safety factors.

So here are 4 facts about the safety of paragliding that I doubt you know. So do not think twice and dare to experience a safe and fun adventure!

1.  Statistically, paragliding is as safe as DRIVING ANY AUTOMOBIL.


Each year, about 1 in 10 thousand Americans die in a car accident , there were about 32 thousand deaths in 2011, for example. In Germany, where paragliding is much more popular than many other places, around 3 people die each year, from 33 thousand pilots . That equates to 1 in 11 thousand pilots, slightly lower than the death rate of driving a car. The death rate of driving would actually be much higher if only the people who drive were counted, instead of everyone who drives in the car. On the other hand, statistics tend to show thatParagliding is much safer than average activities such as motorcycling or even horseback riding.

 2. Pilots almost never get hurt because of the flight equipment.

 The paragliders are built , nowadays, with an infinity of technology to make them very stable. They are designed to recover quickly in case of a collapse. So, while you are using current equipment, there is very little risk of an accident as a result of equipment malfunction. Almost all accidents occur due to mistakes made by the pilot, either in the air or in his assessment of weather conditions before a flight.



Paragliding is not necessarily a sport for speed demons. So, if you were really scared because you imagined yourself speeding down a precipice like the Coyote and the Road Runner, do not worry! That’s not what paragliding is about. On the contrary, imagine yourself floating in the breeze , with fantastic views of the surrounding landscape.

If, on the other hand, you also want an adrenaline rush , paragliding can definitely deliver it to you like no other sport, there’s nothing more exciting than doing aerial paragliding in the air and seeing the landscape below you in a way completely new

 4. Feeling vulnerable is good!


In general, we are sure that paragliding is a very safe activity , as long as you are learning or flying with a good instructor . It is also relatively easy to start practicing it. However, some beginners get carried away by a false sense of security because of how easy it can be. Instructors like to call this “intermediate syndrome.” So while you have fun in the air, remember not to let your guard down just because things are going well. Following the safety techniques that your instructor teaches you during any flight, the risk of accidents in both the short and long term will be greatly reduced.

If you want to talk a little more about any aspect of the paragliding flight, or try this magnificent sport, do not hesitate to contact us at In all its aspects this sport fascinates us.

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