I’m an adventurer, I’ve been doing all kind of activities all over the world; Everything from camping, to hiking, mountain climbing, biking, kitesurfing and scuba diving. If I’m able to try something new, I’ll do it.

I decided to make this my life. I started a company in Mexico, called LocalAdventures. I focused on selecting the best guides in the country of each activity and their personal adventures.

For decades, people for every country have been visiting Mexico, mostly for tourism purposes. While drinking from glasses with colored umbrellas on the beach, the tourists missed the authentic Mexico with its authentic adventures. We realized people were missing a great experience!

One year later, that’s what we provide.

With us, we can provide you a safe, reliable adventure of a life time, one that you will remember to the end of your life and wish to show at work. We know adventures and we know Mexico. You will have a safe but authentic adventure in authentic Mexico.

The adventure.

Pico de Orizaba (Peak of Orizaba) is the highest mountain in Mexico. It’s 18,405 feet high and is on the border between Puebla state and Veracruz. (around five hours away from Mexico’s Intl Airport).

It’s an extinct volcano in the form of an inverted cone and on the top it has a permanent glacier that makes it really impressive. Every year around two thousand people from all over the world reach its summit. It is one of the most guided mountains in the globe according to a recent study, and it is only in Mexico.

This is a great alternative for your next adventure for several reasons.

  1. Easy to arrive.

This mountain combines the attraction of a real challenge with easy way to get to it. We pick up climbers at the airport and five hours later they’re already at the mountain.

       2. The view

The ascent lasts about six to seven hours, and when you get to the top you breath just 50% of the oxygen that you do at sea level. On one side, you’ll be able to see Estado de Mexico, on the other the state of Puebla and far away, you’ll see the other two highest mountains in Mexico (Popocatepetl volcano and Iztaccihuatl).

     3.The all-inclusive experience.

There are a lot of things to prepare when going to a mountain like this. Food, transportation, technical equipment, clothes, camping equipment, guides and permits. We thought it was better just to take care of everything and let you worry about the hiking, we’ll provide it, except for your clothes and boots. We will provide you with a recommendation for these.

       4.The best guides in Mexico.

This was one of the toughest parts to achieve. We took months to find the most qualified guides in all of Mexico. The result; real mountain climbers, the ones who have achieved real challenges all over the world and who know how to treat customers how they deserve it, without losing the climbing vibe.

   5. The cost is nothing compared to the experience.

The all-inclusive experience to the Pico de Orizaba costs $600 USD,  and airfares are at an all time low. You can climb the second highest mountain in North America for the cost of a nice room and a dinner in a hotel but without the hangover you will want to forget and with memories you will want to keep forever. And you will enjoy the gracious welcome only a Mexican knows how to give. This is what you were looking for.



Pico de Orizaba is a real nature wonder, anyone that likes outdoors should give it a try. If you’re interested, want more information or book the adventure, contact me directly at daniel@stuntshare.com or (011 52 1) 33 13 56 85 93 , I’ll help you personally with anything to make this your best experience of 2017.



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Soy un amante de las actividades al aire libre. Desde pequeño me educaron para respetar la naturaleza y aprovecharla, he hecho de todo pero lo que me gusta más es el alpinismo, trail run (ultramaratones) y kitesurf. Inicie como co'fundador de LocalAdventures por que quiero compartir todos estos buenos momentos que he pasado, con personas que lo quieren hacer pero no saben como.

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