Nuestro Equipo

Estamos listos para ayudarte a vivir tu siguiente gran experiencia.


Te damos momentos memorables que recordarás toda tu vida. A través de experiencias al aire libre brindadas por expertos locales apasionados. Esto para todas las personas en America deicididas a vivir la belleza de lo que hay afuera.


Queremos ser la compañía de reserva de aventura más reconocida de America y Europa, gracias a nuestras asombrosas experiencias y servicio al cliente, siendo la primera opción para cualquier viajero que quiera tomar cualquier aventura en cualquiera de nuestras ubicaciones.

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Conoce al equipo

Un equipo apasionado siempre feliz de ayudarte

Daniel Peña
Co-Founder & CEO

He’s originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and currently lives there. He was a financial analyst and a business consultant. Now he’s the CEO of this company, making sure everyone works hard and gets their dose of adventure in the process. When he’s not working he’s training for ultra-marathons or having a cold IPA beer.

Fun fact His Favorite article of trekking gear is a very fluffy, Marmot sleeping bag.

Moises Vera
Co-Founder & CTO

He lived in Puebla, Mexico before moving to Guadalajara. He’s been hacking even before walking. When he’s not coding you can find him climbing Iztaccihuatl. He loves trekking because of the new places, new people, new limits it has brought to his life.

Fun fact He has seen the movie Limitless over 50 times

Sebastian Rodriguez
Co-Founder & COO

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. He started his working career as an electronic engineer before realizing that outdoor adventure was his passion. Now he spends his time expanding our extensive network of experienced guides, and putting together the best off-the-beaten-path adventures he can find. When he’s not working you’ll find him soaring through the air paragliding.

Fun fact His favorite travel partner is his puppy, “Itza”(Named after the 3rd highest mt. in Mexico, the Iztaccihuatl). She is an excellent climbing partner and even paraglides with him!

Hugo Beas
Head of Marketing

Originally from Tequila, Mexico (Yes, the town where the drink originated). He worked at a marketing firm before joining the company. Now he’s in charge of finding funny outdoorsy memes to make our followers laugh. In his spare time, he is usually rocking out on his guitar.

Fun fact Currently listening to “Have a cigar” by Pink Floyd.

Dave Cary

Served as CFO of a company worth $1 million when he joined and was a publicly traded company worth $5 billion when he left. He’s originally from California but now he lives in Dallas.

Fun fact He likes to exercise, and is often riding his bike around White Rock Lake.

Ricky Teja

Managing Partner and CEO of Tech Wildcatters, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has served various roles in management consulting, investment banking, and corporate finance for Fortune 500 companies. On his spare time you’ll find him researching new awesome startups or analyzing crypto currency.

Fun fact His favorite athlete is UFC fighter Ronda Rousey.

Mike Cook
Growth Marketing Specialist

Having grown up in Sedona, Arizona he has been on his fair share of hikes. He’s currently resides in Austin, Texas after spending a year traveling through Latin America as a digital nomad. He has spent most of the last decade building brands online, now he spends his time building ours. If he’s not working, you’ll probably find him traveling to new locations.

Fun fact Ask him about the time he went scuba diving with 7 bull sharks.

Alan Navarro
Adventure Consultant

He’s originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. He studied biology because he was attracted to nature and the outdoors since he was kid. When he is not helping our customers plan the perfect trip, you can find him jogging or hanging out with friends.

Fun fact His favorite athlete is soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo

Numa Barbosa
Operations Leader

He’s from a small city in Mexico called Cd. Guzman, it’s a city at the bottom of a 13,910 ft. high mountain called Nevado de Colima. He worked as a guide on that mountain for most of his life, now he organizes the expeditions to that mountain and to the highest in Mexico.

Fun fact His favorite book is The long walk, by Richard Bachman (A pseudonym Stephen King used).

Jacky Cordero
Graphic Design

Culiacan, Mexico is her hometown. She used to design labels for wine bottles before joining the company. Now she makes everything we share on our social networks and online look better. If she’s not working, she’s painting, New Realism is her style.

Fun fact Her favorite hiking snack is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Leo Monjaras
Public Relations

Raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s the youngest member of the company team, his first professional experience out of college is with us! He spends his days planning community events and making sure we have enough beer for those events. He’s an avid rock climber and that’s what he does when he’s not working.

Fun fact His favorite adventure? A new one, the more hardcore the better.

Anapau Hernández
Adventure Consultant

Born in Mexico and raised in Sisteron, France. She’s one of the most avid travelers of the team, having visited more than 50 countries. At the company she spends her days talking to people about her world experiences(In 5 languages). On her spare time, she usually goes out with friends or practices yoga.

Fun fact Her favorite movie is Moonrise Kingdom.