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We are a team of adventurers that will help you discover the best places in the world. We'll guide you in order to live unique and life changing experiences.

We are a team of adventurers that will help you discover the best places in the world. We'll guide you in order to live unique and life changing experiences.

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Day 1: Podgorica - Boat Ride - Kotor

Stop At: Virpazar, Virpazar, Bar Municipality
After meeting the group in Budva or Podgorica you will be transferred to the Village of Vir Pazar and start the very interesting Boat experience If you prefer to escape the hordes and get close up to truly staggering natural beauty on holiday, Montenegro's Lake Skadar National Park is the place for you. Lake Skadar is a wild wonder waiting to be explored. A vast freshwater lake straddling the borders of Albania and Montenegro, its mirrored waters, rocky shores, and wetlands play host to a myriad of wildlife with more than 260 species of birds, traditional fishing villages, islet monasteries, and pristine beaches. A Skadar Lake boat cruise is the perfect way to kick back, relax, and see the highlights of the lake in the comfort of your own traditional, Montenegrin lake boat.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Kotor Old City, Stari grad, Kotor, Kotor Municipality 85330 Montenegro
After enjoying the Boat Trip depart for Kotor Wedged between brooding mountains and a moody corner of the bay, achingly atmospheric Kotor (Котор) is perfectly at one with its setting. Hemmed in by staunch walls snaking improbably up the surrounding slopes, the town is a medieval maze of museums, churches, cafe-strewn squares, and Venetian palaces and pillories. It’s a dramatic and delightful place where the past coexists with the present; its cobblestones ring with the sound of children racing to school in centuries-old buildings, lines of laundry flutter from wrought-iron balconies, and hundreds of cats – the descendants of seafaring felines – loll in marble lane ways
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Dinner: 3-course seafood menu in Kotor or perast
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3 or 4 stars hotel in Kotor

Day 2: Kotor - Budva ( Beach Day)

Stop At: Budva, Budva, Budva Municipality
After breakfast and meeting, the driver and guide depart for Budva (Будва) is the poster child of Montenegrin tourism. Easily the country’s most-visited destination, it attracts hordes of holidaymakers intent on exploring its atmospheric Stari Grad (Old Town), sunning themselves on the bonny beaches of the Budva Riviera and partying until dawn, bars and clanging clubs, it’s not nicknamed ‘the Montenegrin Miami’ for nothing.
Duration: 2 hours

Pass By: Perast, Perast, Kotor Municipality
Looking like a chunk of Venice that has floated down the Adriatic and anchored itself onto the Bay of Kotor, Perast (Пераст) hums with melancholy memories of the days when it was rich and powerful. Despite having only one main street, this tiny town boasts 16 churches and 17 formerly grand palazzi. While some are just enigmatic ruins sprouting bougainvillea and wild fig, others are caught up in the whirlwind of renovation that has hit the town

Stop At: Jaz Beach, Prijevor, Budva Municipality Montenegro
Jaz Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro. Madonna and RollingStones gathered concerts here. There are tourists all over the globe. The most popular tourist guide LonelyPlanet put Jaz's top 10 European beaches after last year's visit SeaDance2015.
You will spend one day in the beach to enjoy the amazing Adriatic Sea.
Duration: 4 hours

Meals included:
• Lunch: 3-course menu in Traditional restaurant
• Breakfast: in the Hotel
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3 or 4 stars hotel in Budva

Day 3: Budva - Shkodra - Kruja

Stop At: Rozafa Castle, Rozafa, Shkoder Albania
After leaving Montenegro you will enter in Albanian country and visit the city of Shkodra. From its ancient Illyrian walls and the medieval ruins of the Balshaj, to the Towers of the Bushatllinj, Rozafa Castle is a monumental testament to the beauty of an everlasting fortress.

Built during Antiquity, enduring the Roman and Ottoman empires, and remaining intact up to the present day, Rozafa Castle has witnessed the dramatic changes of tide over the course Albania’s fascinating history. Needless to say then that this archaeological area is incredibly rich in historical tales. To understand the city of Shkodra, where the castle is located, and indeed the history of the country as a whole, a visit to Rozafa Castle is a must!
Duration: 2 hours

Pass By: Lezhe, Lezhe, Lezhe County
The country’s most beautiful lagoons, those of Kune-Vain and Patok, and some of the most exclusive, rugged beaches surround the ancient city of Lezha. Enveloped by this exotic environment rests the newest heart of Albanian gastronomical tradition. With several world-famous farm-to-table and fine dining restaurants serving the most updated traditional cuisine in the country, Lezha’s popularity has seen an upturn in the last decade! Once upon a time, Lezha attracted many visitors to its numerous monuments of great historical and architectural value in Albania, such as the Skanderbeg Memorial, an impressive Greek-inspired structure supported by marble pillars, and the Castle of Lezha, the crown jewel of the city. These days, its truly inimitable food culture, calm landscapes and untouched nature are great draws to this ancient city

Stop At: Fishte, Fishte, Lezhe County
Fishtë is a settlement in the former Blinisht municipality, in Lezhë County, northwestern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform, it became part of the municipality Lezhë. It is an important agrotourism area with a number of well established slow food restaurants. One of them is MRIZI I ZANAVE restaurant where you will have your Traditional Albanian Lunch
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Shkoder, Shkoder, Shkoder County
You will have one sightseeing tour in the center of Shkodra city. This multifaceted city has had a traditionally rich artistic life and an enormous contribution to Albanian culture. Shkodra is the cradle of the most important Albanian poets, like Migjeni, painters like Kol Idromeno and Edi Hila, and photographers, the Marubi Family. Shkodra houses the haunting Marubi National Photography Museum, which displays the first photo taken in Albania, and the Venice Art Mask Factory, where a local master produces the same intricate masks used in the Venice carnivals and Las Vegas shows
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Lunch: You will have your lunch in one famous Agrotourisme restaurant located in the middle of nature.
• Breakfast: In the Hotel
Accommodation included: Overnight in 4 stars hotel in Kruja city

Day 4: Kruja - Tirana

Stop At: Kruja Castle, Near Tirana, Kruje 1501 Albania
After breakfast starts the visit of Kruja Krujë Castle has proudly stood on top of a rocky cliff, high above its city, for the last fifteen centuries. It has witnessed the long turbulent history of this place, which was once the center of Arbëria (Albania’s ancient name). At a time when the Ottoman Empire ruled over a large swathe of Europe, including Constantinople and the Balkans, this castle remained undefeated for thirty-five years, thanks to Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, the legendary Albanian hero who defended its walls until his death.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Skanderbeg Square, At the center of Tirana, Tirana Albania
After arrival in Tirana, you will start your visit from Skanderbeg Square which is also the biggest square in Tirana, around this square you will see, the Palace of Culture, the old et hem bey mosque, and the National Museum. You will spend around 15 minutes in the square to get all the information from the guide.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Blloku, Tirana Albania
Blloku is an upmarket area in Tirana, Albania. It is widely known as an entertainment destination with its boutiques, shops, restaurants, trendy bars, pubs, and cafes. The area is part of the neighborhood of Tirana e Re in southwestern Tirana. During the peak summer months, its trendy bars transfer along the Albanian Riviera.

It became very attractive after the fall of Communism in Albania because during the communist period it was a restricted residential area for the members of the Albanian politburo, ordinary Albanians would not be allowed in. On most maps it was unmarked. In Blloku you can still find the residence of Albania’s communist leader Enver Hoxha.

In blloku neighborhood, you will spend your free time for lunch or for Caffe
Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: National Gallery of Art, Bulevardi Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana 1001 Albania
Tracing the relatively brief history of Albanian painting from the early 19th century to the present day, this beautiful space also holds temporary exhibitions. The interesting collection includes 19th-century paintings depicting scenes from daily Albanian life and others with a far more political dimension, including some truly fabulous examples of Albanian socialist realism. The entrance of the gallery is not always open, so if there are any exhibitions at the time of your visit you can enter inside the gallery.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Pazari i Ri, Shenasi Dishnica, Tirana 1001 Albania
The New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri), one of the oldest and most historical residential neighborhoods in the city of Tirana, has undergone renovation and re-invigoration of late. Many of the traditional elements of the old town have been preserved whilst the square has been refreshed with an updated and more modern look. The name derives from the local farmer’s marketplace situated at the center, where more than 300 farmers of the surrounding areas come to sell their fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and spices.
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Dinner: Traditional dinner in Tirana
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3 or 4 stars hotel in Durres

Day 5: Tirana - Durres

Stop At: Plazhi i Golemit, Albania
Golem is a coastal village and an administrative unit in Tirana County, Albania. A former rural municipality, at the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Kavajë. Golem has experienced rapid urban development
Duration: 4 hours

Stop At: Durres Amphitheatre, Rruga Kalase, Durres Albania
The Amphitheater of Durrës remains one of the most majestic of the ancient world and one of the ten most beautiful Roman amphitheaters. Widely recognized among enthusiasts of Antiquity, it is a pearl of the Balkans that is slowly making its way out of the shell. Discovered relatively recently, in 1966, its unearthing occurred in a slightly comical way by Vangjel Toçi. Legend has it that Vangjel, an archaeologist and resident of Durrës, happened upon a fig tree which had fallen a few meters below ground level. Curious and inquisitive, he insisted that the area undergo excavations. Rightly so, for underneath was lying the long-sought-after Amphitheater.
Duration: 1 hour

No meals included on this day.
No accommodation included on this day.

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