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We are a team of adventurers that will help you discover the best places in the world. We'll guide you in order to live unique and life changing experiences.

We are a team of adventurers that will help you discover the best places in the world. We'll guide you in order to live unique and life changing experiences.

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Title.... Mauritania Tour 15 days
-Day by day itinerary should include, main destination, hours consumed on each destination, description, meals, and accommodation.... Tour 15 days

Here is the details for your Mauritania tour. 
You will have during your tour à driver , guide /cooker very good ones 
During your all trip the breakfast will start from 7:30 to 8:30
The lunch will be always around 13:00
A coffee/tea will be always ready at the stop in bivouac around 17:30. 
And the diner will be always around 19:00 before the darkness. 
You go through the most beautiful landscape of Mauritania, you can stop any time for photos. The crews informed that no using cell phone during the trip just in extreme cases. 
Please if any client have any allergy against any food inform us. 
Mineral water available during the all trip
1- arrival to the airport, your visa will be ready at your arrival, we will you picked up to your hotel 4****, if it is note late you can have diner. 
2- after the breakfast, you will have your first contact with the crews , have a first visit to market , the museum ( if it is a working day ) then to the camel market and start leaving Nouakchott to the east to arrive arrive around 12:00 to have a small stop somewhere in the dunes there and to to have our lunch under a big acacia 
Start around 14:30/15:00 to the dunes where will have a wonderful night . Tents setup ,coffee/tea ready with some biscuits
After the diner Have a meeting around the fire. 

3- start in the morning, walking for half hour ( if you want ) to be picked up by the car going through fantastic dunes
To Matmata where we can meet the last crocodiles of the desert
We will spend the night there in a beautiful canyons
We can spend the night there in a wonderful atmosphere
4- start in the morning through the beautiful canyons of Tagant passing the small city of Tidjikja to have our night the oued of Rachid after passing the guests of taoujaft to have our a wonderful contact with the nomads
5- start our way to Adrar , we will cross the Amazing sea of dunes of Elkhatt to have our night in the desert of adrar

6- from there we will go some beautiful mixte of dunes and mountains and to have our nights in Lehnouk near a oasis
6- then we will follow the post card of the rallye Paris Dakar through a lot of beautiful dunes oasis mountains to the famous oasis of Terjit where we will spend the day and have our night the canyons of Tezent.
7 - next day we start through the beautiful oasis of Terjit and go later the beautiful oasis of Mhereth. I suggest to you to spend the night in the oued of Ichif near Mhereth.
From Mhereth we can go Chinguitti next day. 
8- from oued Ichif ( near Mhereth ) we start our route to chinguitti 
Arriving there we will have time to visit the old city , the mosque , and the Bibliotheque 
In the after noon we can see the beautiful sun set in a sea of dunes. 
In chinguitti we will sleep in The dunes but we can have shower in a camp and we can also sleep the auberge if you want but I prefer not.

9- from chinguitti, we start on the caravanes road in the dunes ( very nice ) to the oasis of Tanouchert to have our night with the local people. 
10- In the morning we go to Ouadane to arrive to a nice place camping ⛺️ or if you want we can set up our tent in nice place 
We should visit Ouadane in the afternoon after visit the Guelb Errichat ( the eye of the desert ) to be ready next day to leave directly to the white valley
11- start in the morning we pass by the beautiful pass of amogjar to arrive to Atar , to have a visit in the market and then start to The white valley have a Lunch somewhere and then keep going to the tivoujar to have a wonderfull bivouac 
12 - start to Azweiga a nice oasis and the biggest dunes of Mauritania
13- start in the morning to national parc D'ARGUIN to arrive to Arkeiss , in the very camp ( made Europe union ) 
14- start through the national parc very easy in the meddle of thousands birds to arrive to Nouakchott to visit the fish market of Nouakchott to go to the hotel and have a nice diner in restaurant in Nouakchott
15- take early to the airport and say you good bye 

-insurance inclusion.... clients have their insurance
-Guided or not?.... yes
-Private or not? .... both , like you want
-Minimum and maximum number of pax.... minimum 2 , maximum 16
-Minimum and max ages ... no limits
-type of vehicles to be used.... Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux
-required documents... passports with validity over 6 months
-terms and conditions.... the tour should be confirmed minimum 2 weeks before ,

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