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We are a team of adventurers that will help you discover the best places in the world. We'll guide you throughout the adventures so you can live unique and life changing experiences.

We are a team of adventurers that will help you discover the best places in the world. We'll guide you throughout the adventures so you can live unique and life changing experiences.

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Day 1: Tirana - Kruja - Shkodra (Historical Day Tour)

Stop At: Skanderbeg Square, At the center of Tirana, Tirana Albania
In Tirana you will visit the main Boulevard in the center, the Gallery of Arts, the Skanderbeg square, the main Boulevard, the
Mosque, the Bunker, the Pyramid, Mother Theresa square, blloku area which is also the most frequented area of the city, the national park of Tirane, you will visit the National Historical Museum if you would like.

Duration: 1 hour

Pass By: Enver Hoxha Pyramid, Boulevard Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana Albania
Designed by Enver Hoxha's daughter and son-in-law and completed in 1988, this monstrously unattractive building was formerly the Enver Hoxha Museum and more recently a convention centre and nightclub. Today, covered in graffiti and surrounded by the encampments of Tirana's homeless, its once-white marble walls are now crumbling, but no decision on whether to demolish or restore it has yet been reached.

The pyramid is during our sightseeing and we will stop 10 minutes for explanation

Stop At: Pazari i Ri, Shenasi Dishnica, Tirana 1001 Albania
The New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri), one of the oldest and most historical residential neighbourhood in the city of Tirana, has undergone renovation and re-invigoration of late. Many of the traditional elements of the old town have been preserved whilst the square has been refreshed with an updated and more modern look. The name derives from the local farmer’s marketplace situated at the center, where more than 300 farmers of the surrounding areas come to sell their fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and spices to name but a few.
You will spend here some free time if you would like to buy some typical Products
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Blloku, Tirana Albania
is an upmarket area in Tirana, Albania. It is widely known as an entertainment destination with its boutiques, shops, restaurants, trendy bars, pubs, and cafes. The area is part of the neighborhood of Tirana e Re in southwestern Tirana. During the peak summer months, its trendy bars transfer along the Albanian Riviera.

It became very attractive after the fall of Communism in Albania because during the communist period it was a restricted residential area for the members of the Albanian politburo, ordinary Albanians would not be allowed in. On most maps it was unmarked. Blloku you can still find the residence of Albania’s communist leader Enver Hoxha.

In blloku neighberhood you will spend you free time for lunch or for caffe
Duration: 1 hour

Pass By: Et'hem Bej Mosque, AL, Sheshi Skënderbej, Tiranë 1000, Albania
This is one interesting attraction located in the Skanderbeg square, This mosque is built during the 17 century and you will get the full history when you come for your visit,

Stop At: Kruja Castle, Near Tirana, Kruje 1501 Albania
The ancient city of Kruja was the stronghold of Albania’s national hero, Skanderbeg, who successfully fought off the Ottomans for 25 years in the 15th century. A museum dedicated to
Skanderbeg, designed by Enver Hoxha’s daughter, sits within the citadel walls. The small bazaar is probably the best place to buy handmade products and objects - wooden carpets, handcrafted
pots, in Albania.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Ethnographic Museum of Kruja, Fortress of Kruja, Kruje 1501 Albania
Built during the mid-18th century, in 1764, by Ismail Pashë Toptani, this Ottoman house is considered one of the most unique museums in Albania. It includes a total of 15 rooms which tell of work and family life in the town of Kruja. A white, three-story construction with a tower placed in the middle, this house is surrounded by wood-carved windows of all sizes, letting the breeze flow freely in an out, and creating a pleasant sense of open space. Outside, you’ll notice traces of former springs surrounding the castle, from which the name of the city derives (the word for “springs” in Albanian is kroje), which also reflect the city’s former position as an agricultural center prior to the rise of commerce and artisan activities.
Duration: 1 hour

Pass By: Shkoder, Shkoder, Shkoder County
This multifaceted city has had a traditionally rich artistic life and an enormous contribution to the Albanian culture. Shkodra is the cradle of the most important Albanian poets, like Migjeni, painters like Kol Idromeno and Edi Hila, and photographers, the Marubi Family. Shkodra houses the haunting Marubi National Photography Museum, which displays the first photo taken in Albania, and the Venice Art Mask Factory, where a local master produces the same intricate masks used in the Venice carnivals and Las Vegas shows. A city of myths and legends, the foundations of the famous Castle of Shkodra are said to be held by the body of Rozafa, the beautiful young mother who sacrificed herself for it. You will find that this naturally beautiful city has an abundance of mirrors in the Adriatic Sea, the Lake of Shkodra and the Buna River. Otherwise called the “city of bicycles,” the city’s views are best admired while pedaling in the open air.
You will have free time and overnight in this city.

Meals included:
• Lunch: Traditional 3 course menu in Kruja old town Restaurant
• Dinner: Traditional 3 course menu in Shkodra Restaurant
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3 or 4 stars Hotel in Shkodra

Day 2: Shkodra - Ferry ride - Valbona village (Ferry Ride and Hiking Tour day)

Stop At: Koman, Koman, Shkoder County
Early in the morning, you will depart to Valbona National Park. Your breakfast will be served in small take-out boxes. First, we will arrive and depart to Valbona village by the ferry to Koman lake, one of Albania's undisputed highlights is this superb three-hour ferry ride across vast Lake Koman, connecting the towns of Koman and Fierzë. Lake Koman was created in 1978 when the Drin River was dammed, with the result that you can cruise through spectacular mountain scenery where many incredibly hardy people still live as they have for centuries, tucked away in tiny mountain villages. Unfortunately, the scenic beauty is rather marred by the thousands of plastic bottles and other rubbish floating in the lake. In places this rubbish forms 'islands' so big they're virtually a shipping hazard.

The Ticket of the ferry Trip will be included in the packet
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Valbona Valley National Park, Valbona Albania
The Valbona Valley is one of rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and endless forests under the shade of the surrounding high peaks. In this spectacular setting, organic, farm-fresh products and clear air seemingly add years to your life. This natural wonder offers a rare sense of tranquility and beauty, that is not to be missed by those looking for the most awe-inspiring of Albania’s natural treasures.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Kukaj, Albania
Kukaj is a small hamlet (really just 2 houses) located about 200m, or a 20 minute hike, OR a tricky 4×4 drive above the valley bottom. Quiet, with one of the oldest houses in the valley, it’s a super place to stay for people wanting either a real homestay experience (and able to get around the challenge of approach) OR those planning to hike on up the valley to either Montenegro.
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Breakfast in small Take away packets
• Lunch: Traditional Lunch served in Guest House in Valbona National Park
• Dinner: Traditional Dinner served in Guest House in Valbona National Park
Accommodation included: Overnight in Village guest House in Valbona

Day 3: Valbona - Thethi Hiking Tours (Hiking Tour Day)

Stop At: Valbona Pass, Rruga Azem Hajdari, Bajram Curri Albania
After breakfast depart to Thethi village. You will leave your main
belongings at the horses and you will keep for yourself a backpack including a bottle of water and food packages for lunch.
During the walk you will have many breaks for water or coffee. The walk will be mostly climbing. After 3 hours hiking and climbing you will arrive at Valbona Neck, which lays 1820 m above the sea level. Have your picnic lunch at the famous Valbonne Neck. Continue your walk. Arrival in Thethi Village by the afteenoon.
Duration: 6 hours

Meals included:
• Lunch: Lunch will be consumed on the Valbona Neck in Take away Boxes.
• Dinner: Traditional Dinner served in Guest House in Thethi Village
• Breakfast: Traditional Breakfast served in the Guest House
Accommodation included: Overnight in Traditional Guest house in Thethi

Day 4: Thethi - Blue eye - Thethi (Hiking Tour Day)

Stop At: Thethi-Guide, Rruga Nikgjona, Nr. 18, Theth 4009 Albania
This unique mountain village easily has the most dramatic setting in Albania. Just the journey here is quite incredible, whether you approach over the mountains on foot from Valbona or by vehicle over the high passes from Shkodra. Both a sprawling village along the valley floor amid an amphitheater of slate-grey mountains, and a national park containing stunning landscapes and excellent hiking routes.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Grunasi Waterfall, Theth Albania
It takes approximately an hour to get the waterfall from the center of Theth Village. The hike is spectacular, taking you along a spectacular landscape of rivers, pastures, and mountain slopes. The last leg of the hike involves a 15-minute climb of an intermediate level so be prepared with your best, non-slippery shoes. Although the journey is not especially easy, the reward, as it often happens, is well worth your time and energy. Especially at the very end of your climb, when you will witness a scenery so breathtaking that it will immediately erase any traveling fatigue.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Nderlysaj, Nderlysaj, Shkoder County
Start the walking to Blue eye After 8 km of nice walking near the Thethi river arrival to “Nderlysa” to discover the most interesting kind of Landscapes Ndërlysa’s marble pools are a result of rare rock formations. The various and irregular geometric shapes, carved throughout the centuries by the water erupting from the rocks, will leave the visitor stunned. Constantly drenched by the wild waters of the river and the snow-covered streams, these pools are the ideal place for cooling down during the hot summer months. The pools’ surface is smooth and calming, the water crystal clear and the entire environment refreshing. However, please exercise caution if visiting this site with children and make sure you supervise their movement along the unpredictable terrain.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Blue Eye of Theth, Kaprre Pusi i Zi, Syri i Kalter, Theth 4009 Albania
The Blue Eye is one of the rare beauties of entire Albania. It is formed from the Black River, which flows out from the Black Top. The Blue Eye is formed by the erosion of rock by the water that descends from the mountains. The Black Well is about 100 m2 and about 3 to 5 meters of depth. The Black River is entirely formed from the melting snow in the Alps. Any tourist (of any age) can go to the Blue Eye because the road lay in a plain valley. Along the way, you have to bear in mind to follow the signs that are made by local residents.
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Lunch: Lunch will in take away packets and will be consumed near the "blue eye source".
• Dinner: Traditional Dinner served in Guest House in Thethi Village
• Breakfast: Traditional Breakfast served in the Guest House
Accommodation included: Overnight in Traditional Guest house in Thethi

Day 5: Thethi - Shkodra - Tirana (Driving Tour Day)

Stop At: Skadar Lake National Park, Skadar Lake National Park, Podgorica, Podgorica Municipality
In the Northwest of Albania lies the beautiful Shkodra Lake, the largest in the Balkan Peninsula, and one of the many natural wonders of this part of the country. With a vast surface area of 368 km2, the lake stretches beyond the country and across the border with Montenegro, with 149 km2 of it lying in Albania. The lake beautifully frames the historic and artistic city of Shkodra, a calming and refreshing area, reflecting effect of the water which gracefully surrounds it.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Tirana, Tirana, Tirana County
On the afternoon you will arrive in Tirane and You will spend some free time or visit some monuments in the Capital of Albania
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Traditional Breakfast served in the Guest House
• Lunch: have lunch in one of most famous slow food restaurants in Albania called "Mrizi i zanave" in Fishta Village
• Dinner: 3 /4 course Dinner in Traditional restaurant in the Capital of Albania
Accommodation included: Overnight in 4 stars hotel in Tirana

Day 6: Tirana - Apollonia - Vlora (Historical Day tour)

Stop At: Apollonia National Park, Herzliya Israel
In the morning time you will depart for the Apollonia archeological site. If we could choose the one place where you will have your most memorable encounter with history in Albania, it would have to be the ancient city of Apollonia, founded in the sixth century B.C. Situated in southwestern Albania, about 13 miles from the city of Fier, this city was built by Greek colonizers on the lands of the Taulantii Illyrian tribe. It was considered to be one of the most prominent cities at the time, selected from over twenty other cities throughout the Mediterranean, to receive the glorious name of Apollo, the god of music and poetry.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Durres, Durres, Durres County
Durrës was once – albeit briefly – Albania’s capital. It’s now virtually an extension of Tirana, joined to the capital by a ceaseless urban corridor full of hypermarkets and car dealerships. Blessed with a reasonable 10km stretch of beach, Durrës is a pleasant – if rather built up – escape from Tirana and has a charmingly Mediterranean air once you get off the seafront, which can be very crowded, noisy and a bit tacky during the summer months
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Vlore, Vlore, Vlore County
Vlora is an old city founded in the sixth century B.C., originally known by the name Aulona. Vlora is situated in a beautiful location, in the front of the Karaburun peninsula and Sazan
Island and surrounded by beaches and rocky sand.

The city carries historical importance to Albania as it hosted the First National Assembly, which declared the country’s independence from Ottoman rule on November 28th, 1912. The Museum of Independence is dedicated to this historic event. Other museums include the ethnographic and historic ones.
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Breakfast in Hotel
• Lunch: 3/4 course menu Traditional Lunch in Apollonia
• Dinner: Fish menu Dinner in Vlora city
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3/4 stars Hotel

Day 7: Vlora - Llogara national Park (hiking Day Tour)

Stop At: National Museum of Independence, L. Pavaresia, Vlore Albania
As the building which hosted the operations of the very first Albanian government, the Museum of Independence in Vlorë is strategically positioned in a location that testifies to its significance, near the port, with a beautiful view of the sea. This modest, two-story house is filled with the weight of history! Founded in 1936, this museum is considered to be the first one in Albania before the ’90s. This national museum offers the most comprehensive information regarding the most culminating events in the life of a country. It was in the famous balcony of this bright yellow, traditional house that Ismail Qemali raised the Albanian flag in 1912.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Llogara National Park, Llogara National Park, Vlore County
After enjoying the city of Vlora depart for the national Park of Llogara
Where the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas meet, begins the journey towards the Llogara National Park. The lush forests of pines and oaks are only the beginning of this “mountain of panoramas,” which is beautifully surrounded by numerous mountain ranges and the majestic Ionian Sea. Located only 40 km southeast of Vlora, the Llogara National Park is one of the most visited natural parks in Albania, home to a rich flora and fauna and some of the most exceptional food in the country. Though the park stays open throughout the year, it is most visited during the summer, as a cooling-off stop and a literal rite of passage to the southern Albanian Riviera.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Llogara Pass, Palase Albania
Mount of Cika is a mountain in the south-western region of Albania bordering the Ionian Sea. Cika is the highest peak of the Ceraunian Range, standing at 2,044m above sea level and peak of Qorrës is at 2,018m. Since the mountain is situated bordering the Ionian sea, it appears to be very high as it begins to rise at sea level (0m). The northern part of Cika is part of Llogara National Park. On the peaks of Cika mountain there is a magnificent view of the northern Ionian Islands as well as the Italian coast of Apulia (including Otranto). On the foot of the western side of the mountain there are small beaches which attract tourists during the summer months.
Duration: 3 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Breakfast in the Hotel
• Lunch: Take away packet for your lunch , have it in the llogara pass
• Dinner: 3/4 course menu in the national park Restaurant
Accommodation included: Overnight in the national park of llogara Hotel

Day 8: Free day on your own to enjoy the Ionian Sea (Beach Day Tour)

Stop At: Drymades 440 02, Albania
The beach at Dhërmi is one of the most famous in Albania, a dazzling strip of white rock several kilometres long that is lapped by deep blue water. Outside peak season, it’s very quiet, and while the summer months now get very busy, the beach is long enough to find a quiet spot away from the crowds even in mid-August. For explorers, there are lots of coves and smaller bays further along the beach, including the famous Drymades beach, where excellent budget accommodation can be had and a number of smart hotels are found on the beach itself.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Porto Palermo, Porto Palermo, Vlore County
The sleepy town of Himara is a well-established stop on the tourist trail. Despite its growth in the past decade it hasn’t lost its charm, although the town beach is now crowded in summer. Instead, head 4km south of the town to Llamani beach, a wide, white stone beach backed by rolling hills and with inviting, clear water for swimming. In Himara itself, Potami beach is a good alternative to the main one; you’ll find it just south of the centre, beyond the large rock that cuts the town in two.
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Breakfast served in the Hotel
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3/4 stars hotel in Saranda

Day 9: Saranda (history and Beach day Tour)

Stop At: Buthrotum, Albania
Butrint (Butrint in Albanian) from ancient Greek was an ancient Greek city and later Roman and a bishopric in Epirus. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Buthrotum was a city of the Greek Chaonian tribe, later a Roman
colony and a bishopric. It went into decline at the end of Antiquity, before being abandoned in the Middle
Ages after a major earthquake flooded most of the city.

After the visit you will have lunch

Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Ksamil, Albania
There are a total of four spectacular islands in Ksamil. The most famous ones are the Twin Islands, which are connected to one another via a narrow sand belt. However, they each have their own individual beauty and charm, and are both definitely worth visiting – being easily reachable from the shore! The perfect tranquility and dense greenery of these islands resemble a tropical paradise which you won’t want to leave!

Here, you can go canoeing, diving, or book a boat trip
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Lëkursi, Sarandë, Albania
This former castle is now a very average restaurant, but come here for the superb views over Saranda and Butrint lagoon, especially at sunset. A taxi here costs about 1000 lekë return; arrange a time for the driver to pick you up, or it's a 45-minute walk up from Saranda.
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Breakfast served in the hotel
• Lunch: seafood pasta 3/4 course menu near the ionain sea
• Dinner: Traditional 3/4 course menu Dinner in Lekursi Castle
Accommodation included: Overnight in 3/4 stars hotel in Saranda

Day 10: Saranda - Gjirokastra (History Tour and free time in Gjirokastra)

Stop At: The Blue Eye, Gjirokaster 9701 Albania
The Blue Eye Spring is a magical place: a hypnotic pool of deep blue water surrounded by electric-blue edges like the iris of an eye. It's further enveloped in thick woods and is some 22km east of Saranda on the road to Gjirokastra. You will spend around 1 hour in this natural monument.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Gjirokastra Bazaar, Old town, Gjirokaster Albania
There has been a settlement here for 2500 years, though these days it's the 600 'monumental' Ottoman-era houses in town that attract visitors. For Albanians, the town is also synonymous with former dictator Enver Hoxha, who was born here and ensured the town was relatively well preserved under his rule, though he is not memorialized in any way here today.
You will spend in Gjirokastër around 3 hours including the time for your lunch
Duration: 3 hours

Stop At: Gjirokaster Castle, Gjirokaster Albania
The Castle of Gjirokastra is all that can be seen, rising majestically over the city. Like a giant ship made of stone, it extends across the 1100-foot-high hillside on which it was built during the 4thcentury. A monument to nearly two thousand years of Albanian history, this castle is nowadays one of the most visited places in Albania.
You will spend around 2 hours in the castle including the time to go and to come back.

Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Skenduli House, Rruga Sokaku i Te Mareve, Gjirokaster Albania
You will find it in the lower part of the old town, just before the Ethnographic Museum. Built between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, then modified in 1827, this traditional house with 64 windows was inhabited by the same family until its transformation into an ethnographic museum between 1984 and 1992. It has since been occupied again by its former owners. The facade differs from the traditional houses of Gjirokastra: hazelnut side beams placed in the walls to reinforce the structure in case of earthquake, a window and a slot in the corner to supply and check the level of the water tank. The 130,000-litre water tank not only met the water needs of the residents, but also provided freshness to the food supply in the room next door.
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Breakfast in the Hotel
• Lunch: 3/4 course traditional menu in Gjirokastra
Accommodation included: overnight in 3/4stars hotel in Gjirokastra

Day 11: Gjirokastra - Berat - Tirana

Stop At: Berat Castle, Rruga Mihal Komnena, Berat 5001 Albania
Transfer to the fortress of Berat and visit the Interior: Berati fortress, Onufri museum Berat is one of the most visited and characteristic cities of Albania under the protection of UNESCO as the patronage of the humanity for its unique architectural character. In Berat, we visit the castle and the Onufri museum. Berat Castle is particularly interesting because people still live within its walls in their traditional houses, just like their ancestors for centuries. The castle had more than 40 churches, of which 7 remain, including the Sainte-Marie church, transformed into an Onufri museum. Onufri was a famous 16th-century Albanian icon painter who painted many orthodox churches in Albania and Greece, using a special red color.
The visit, you will have free time in the old town.
You will spend around 2 hours in the castle depending on your request
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: National Ethnographic Museum Berat, Lagja 13 Shtatori Mangalem, Berat Albania
The National Ethnographic Museum of Berat, situated within a striking, typical 18th century two-story Berat residence, is a pleasant immersion into the lifestyle traditions of this fascinating town. The museum’s pavilions are nicely organized within the two stories of the former residence. The nice journey along the pavilions reveals an accurate panorama of the traditions and daily conditions of the lives of Berat’s prominent families.
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Lunch: 3/4 Course traditional Lunch in Berat
• Dinner: Last dinner in Tirana village side restaurant.of Tirana
• Breakfast: Breakfast in the Hotel
Accommodation included: overnight in Tirana 4 stars hotel